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The Moomin themed trail with a guide


You can also book a the theme tour with a guide. The guide will assist the group in solving the tasks when needed, and take care of all practical matters. This is a good option if the group is inexperienced in moving around in nature or if the mother tongue is other than Finnish, Swedish, English. This option is priced at a fixed group price and the maximum number of participants is six. In the 2024 season you will be guided by Erika or Jon Englund, Island Riddles entrepreneurs. With the guide, we can also provide a partially accessible experience. Ask us more, we tailor the experience to your group (link contact)

“Reading Tove Jansson’s books in the place where Tove moved is an exciting thing! Also, it was so fun to read my favorite book Tove Jansson’s ‘The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My ’for another purpose, Island Riddles. You will find many elements that resemble the Moomin landscape through puzzles. I was able to focus on solving the tasks and enjoying the wildlife because Jon was my guide. If you are not familiar with the wildlife of the Finnish archipelago, I recommend you take the guide with you. ”

Keiko Morishita

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Accessible path and family path

The route is also being made accessible, resulting in a new shorter route that runs in the immediate vicinity of the shop. This shorter route would also be accessible with a stroller and wheelchair and would be also suitable for smaller children 2-5 years. This job has just beginning and will require many more hours to complete. We look forward to welcoming any special expertise in accessibility.