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Lunch and snacks

Adventurers are always hungry and thirsty! Pack a decent meal and bottles of water – or state at the time of booking that you need crub. Local fishermen Jörre and Johanna Kellgren make a delicious backback meal by order, which you will take with you when you go out into the woods. The backpack meal concists of creamy salad with smoked salmon, eggs, traditional local dark syryp bread, vegetables and of course pancakes with jam. The restaurants on the island are in hibernation after the boating season, so don’t forget to be prepared for an important part of the adventure: the food break!

(firewood is also available, please ask when booking)

Start and finish


The adventure begins at the village shop of Pellinge, Söderby-Boden. (Address: Vanha Söderbyntie 44, 07390 Suurpellinki ). At the shop you will be given instructions to the tour and after that you will move by your own in the terrain.You do not need to bring a booking confirmation or receipts, just inform us at the store that you have arrived.

The 3.5 kilometre long trail takes 2-3 hours to hike to the archipelago. The game ends on a high cliff overlooking the Gulf of Finland. There, on the lean-to, it is good to eat dinner and go out and wash your paws in the ocean.

Everyone performs the tasks at their own risk and considers whether they need insurance. Participants must be able to walk on the forest path and navigate using a map. This requires a normal sense of direction. No local knowledge is required.

The trail can be walked by only one group at a time. This is so you can enjoy the island’s nature and the company of each other at your leisure and without interruption. (The lean-to is likewise reserved for you as part of your visit.) The ideal size of a group is between two and six people – but don’t worry if you are more: we can send the adventurers in smaller groups.

Age recommendation

The recommended minimum age is 6 years old but younger children are also allowed to participate — here we leave it up to you parents to decide since you know your children best. 

Children under the age of 3 participate for free and are welcome to join — we recommend that young children be carried in a papoose or backpack, the path does not suit prams or strollers. 

Groups under the age of 16 must always be accompanied by an adult.



We are adventurous – so dress according to the weather! You don’t need any special equipment, just comfortable shoes and one mobile phone to access the web. Every Island Riddles group get a backpack of clues and handy tools when they leave the store. Participants are welcome to borrow raincoats from us if they need. Remember to take a bottle of water and food for dinner!