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Island Riddles


Close your eyes and sniff: you’re almost in the woods. The moss smells, the trees are swaying high, did the others already make it down to the sea? Welcome to a different adventure trip to the Pellinge Archipelago, a nature where stories come to life.

The theme trip is based on the beloved picture book ‘The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My’ by Tove Jansson. Island Riddles will take you on a milk-seeking trip to the Moomin primeval forest and to the same beaches that Tove used to walk as a child. When you set out on your journey, you will receive a book along with 14 puzzles, by solving them you will find the path through the forest. Take your friend by the hand, let’s go!

The adventure is something that surely will be remembered, a mix of an escaperoom without timelimit and escape, a naturetrail, a activtypark and quality time together. Surely highly appriciated! All teams get a lifelinebooklet so all ages can participate in the same trail.

In the forest


When you go into the woods, you realise you know this game. Somewhere crumbles, a small creature flashes across the landscape. Climb up the slope, you can already smell the sea breeze. From the hill you can see farther. You will find the route, you can read nature. The day will be happy. Nature and man belong together. Both can be protected from all evil.