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For groups and companies

Island Riddles

For groups and companies

The adventure is perfect for groups of all ages and sizes. We have visited both stag parties, class tours and companies as part of work wellbeing and all have had fun. The route is available in three languages, Finnish, Swedish, English and there is no need to pre-decide the language version so this is also great for multilingual groups. Groups with children always move with a supervisor. The supervisor receives a hint book to help his or her group move forward, while the adult groups manage on their own.

We can also help you customize any other program in Pelling or the surrounding area.




Do you have plans to spend your day in Porvoo? If you said yes, then we have a great idea for a relaxing day and a great day out of office! The recipe for a successful recreation day includes activities that are out of the ordinary and that employees might not otherwise try. A fun and activating program, tasty food and drink, and a joyful feeling together are part of the recipe. Activities outside the traditional and outside the office are good ways to build a sense of community and break from normal routines. Recreational days are also important for the motivation of employees at work – fun moments and a sense of belonging motivate them to work in a whole new way.

You can do your themed trail in small grouup and finish of with outdoorsy lunch or move indoors to dine. Recreation days always include the adventure route and an entry prize for everyone, as well as a guide. The guide will gladly tell you more about the local culture and Tove Jansson. We also offer a variety of dining options, such as traditional campfire sausages, pancakes or fish salad on archipelago bread.

Example price for 20 people:

The activity trail, with guide and campfire sausages 35 € / person VAT 0%

The activity trail, with guide and fish salad on the archipelago bread 40 € / person VAT 0%

‘In an August afternoon, we went to Pellinge with a team of about 20 people to enjoy the beautiful scenery and solve the mysteries of the archipelago. Many experienced world travelers were involved, but Finland’s nature and clever missions impressed everyone. Must come again next summer with family!`

Kristoffer Vasara Director, Consulting ServicesTransport & Logistics CGI

A class trip to Pellinge

The Moomin themed trail is also great for school classes. Schoolwork can be broadly incorporated into the excursion and build entities around Tove Jansson’s literature. In connection with the excursion you study beforehand in school literary history, fiction or Finnish-Swedish culture.

Elementary student groups must have a supervisor for each group, you can ask for help in group division when booking, and our ability to participate as a group supervisor. The route is suitable for groups of all ages and stages as it gives you control over how you give tips.

We can also help you customize any other program in Pellinge or the surrounding area. Like fishing, canoeing.

Adventure class trip 35 € / person
Suitable for 1-9. graders
10 – 30 people.
9:00 – 9:15 Welcome to the Söderby-Boden village shop
9:15 – 10:00 Staggered departure
12:30 – 1:30 pm Goal entry
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Lunch
14:00 – 15:00 Guide tells and shows Tove Jansson’s Pellink

Package includes forest adventure, goal entry prize, lunch and guide.