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Who can participate in the adventure?

In the adventure you walk 3km in varying terrain without physically demanding tasks. However, weather such as sunburn can affect the level of demand. Unfortunately, the forest trail is not accessible by wheelchair or strollers.

Is Pellinge accessible by public transportation?

Almost, the bus will take you to the ferry shore and we will be happy to pick you up at Tirmo ferry when we know it in advance. Bus schedules can be found here

Is the goal entry in the same place as the departure?

No, the finish is about 3km from the start, and the price includes bike for one person to get back to the place of departure when you’re ready. This is a good thing to consider when planning outfits and snacks.

Will I get a prize at the finish?

The finish has a small edible prize for everyone and also a big Riddler Board nameplate on which any player who finishes can put their name.

The route is in three languages, do I have to choose a language in advance?

No need, all tips are in three languages. Also we have the book in all three languages ​​so we will pack the language versions you want.

Naturetrails in nationalparks are free, why does this one cost?

On this trail our praticipants get to solve 14 tasks along the route. The tasks ar almost all funcitonal wich means the group is working with material and not just reading infosigns in the woods. To maintenance of gears and tasks goes a piece of the income. We also pay for licence and compensation for land use.The adventure can be compared in cost to an escape game that requires preparation, planning and maintenance



Can we bring our dog?

Of course, dogs are welcome! But the dog travels all the way connected and the dog droppings are also collected out of the wild and put in the trash.