We welcome you all to the small island of Pellinge outside Porvoo to jump into a warmhearted and querky adventure. We play at the very roots of the Moomin stories and promise you that this is something extraordinary, a brand new way of getting out in the nature. Our experience is developed sustainable and enviromental issues are close to our heart and why should’nt they be, it’s the stunning nature we wan’t to show you visiting us.
So let’s begin by trying to explain what Island Riddles is.
”Where did you end up?” is a fun and challenging adventure hike for almost everybody. Come with adults and children, a group of friends, you lover, your business group, or with anybody seeking a bit of adventure and fun. Come mixed, matched alone or together. We like you all! But you must be able to walk aprox 3 km in the woods in not too hard but varied terrain.
Island Riddles is a kind of a forest adventure almost resembling a escape room game but yet so different. You follow a route independently, a route consisting of different tasks and hidden messages and without time limit. The tasks are solved with creativity and teamwork, and each solution reveals how the trail continues. We would love to show you more pictures of the tasks but then we would reveal to much and all the surprises along the route will be gone.
So why the mumble about Moomintrolls in the beginning? Is this a Moomin themepark?
Nope, but the theme on the trail is inspired by Tove Jansson’s book “The book about Moomin, Mymble and little My”. And the trail is carried out with the license of Moomin Characters and in collaboration with Savotta Oy. You will get to walk the same paths that Tove Jansson did, when she spent her summers here on the island. On the trail you will not meet any of the familiar Moomintrolls but you will find the resemblance between the book and the nature. And maybe find the roots of the Moominstories?
So now some practical stuff.
Since Pellinge is a bit hard to reach and have little restaurants (none during offseason) we canoffer together with local fishermen the experience also with a backpack lunch. You are mostly welcome to bring your own picnic also.
The route starts from the villageshop Söderby-Boden, Gamla Söderbyvägen 44and the staff at the shop will give you instructions and help you get on your way. The route takes you on an approximately 3 km of hiking trail in varied terrain and ends at the top of a small hill overlooking the Balticsea. Here you can rest your legs, eat your own snacks or go down to the seashore or then you can return to the village shop.
One of the nicest things is that there are no other participating groups at the same time so you get to enjoy your own peace and privacy, really be present not worrying about others. This is a private tour exclusivly just for your group!
The size of a group is 1 to 6 persons and the adventure time is 2 to 3 hours. The recommended age is 6 years and up for children. The price is 125€ for a group of 1-4 persons and addittional persons costs you 25€/ each. The price includes a small eatable reward at the end, all gears needed for the tasks (raingear if needed), the free stay at the finnishing point and access to the seashore. We have resereved 3hours for your stay at the finnishing point.
The experience is entirely outdoors so dress according to the weather and all teams must have one smartphone with them. We offer this route from May to October.
Note that we offer Open riddle events on our webstore. In Open riddles you can participate although you don´t have a team of 4-6. Just sign up and we´ll pair you with another team.