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Where did you end up?

Why did the milk turn sour and cheesy and who ended up in the vacuum cleaner? Jump into the adventure and find the answers.

“Where did you end up?” is a fun and challenging adventure hike for adults and children, for groups of friends, for couples, for business groups, as well as for others seeking a bit of adventure and fun. A forest adventure resembling an escape room game, where you follow a route consisting of different tasks and hidden messages. The tasks are solved with creativity and teamwork, and each solution reveals how the route continues. The size of a team is 4 to 6 persons and the adventure time is 2 to 3 hours. The recommended age is 6 years and up for children. You can decide if walk at your own pace or if you want to compete for the fastest time.

The adventure includes a locally produced backpack meal prepared by our skilled local fishermen. The team receives the meal at the start. Remember to mention special diets when booking and note that the entire group has the same food. The route starts from Söderby-Boden, Gamla Söderbyvägen 44 and takes you on an approximately 3 km of hiking trail in varied terrain. The experience is entirely outdoors so dress according to the weather. We offer this route from April to October.

“Where did you end up?” is our first Island riddle and inspired by Tove Jansson’s book “The book about Moomin, Mymble and little My”. The trail is carried out with the license of Moomin Characters and in collaboration with Savotta Oy.

Note that we offer Open riddle events on our webstore. In Open riddles you can participate although you don´t have a team of 4-6. Just sign up and we´ll pair you with another team.

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